Welcome to the site of one of the largest companies
air conditioning, refrigeration, heating and ventilation
of Uruguay and the region, with more than two decades of experience.

About Us

We are a specialist in the field of thermal conditioning company, supply air conditioning systems, refrigeration, heating and ventilation of industrial, commercial and residential.

We are in the market for over 30 years, which gives us great strength, support and prestige, who daily hold.

The company is managed by a team with experience in the field of thermal conditioning such as, architects and technicians in air conditioning among others.

Seek as its main task the customer satisfaction complying with the technical, environmental and high quality in the projects we execute requirements, working with world-class brands and employing skilled labor.



We perform among others the following tasks:

• Heat balances to determine the exact capacity of the equipment.
• Technical advice by our engineers on the most suitable system.
• Import of equipment.
• Supply, installation and adjustment facilities (cooling systems interconnection systems hydraulic pipes, ductwork and air grilles, electrical and control).
• Service maintenance, supply of spare parts and other services after selling all kinds of air conditioning, ventilation, heating and cooling.

We are specialists in climatizar homes, buildings, offices, shops, restaurants, banks, computer centers, hotels, hospitals, operating rooms, sterile areas, laboratories, sports clubs, enclosed swimming pools, open, industries and special facilities with controlled temperature and humidity.

We have teams of window or wall, mini splits, portable, floor ceiling ductless, rooftop and split duct, direct expansion cooling only, cold heat resistance, heat pump reverse cycle, water coolers or liquid glycol cooled by air or water, heat pump chillers, multipurpose, fan coil units, air handlers and air treatment plants, heating with natural gas or LPG boilers, radiators, calo-fans, ventilation systems, refrigeration, etc.



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Address: Jaime Roldós and Pons 4248, Montevideo, Uruguay.
Phone: (00598) 2215 6717 - 2215 6718 / Fax: 2215 6718 ext.14.
E-mail: ingclima@ingclima.com

Administration: lcrespo@ingclima.com

Technical Dept: tecnica@ingclima.com
Sales: ventas@ingclima.com